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Ibex Club is a proud sponsor of Empowered.

Today's students — hindered by the traditional, outdated, education model — are not learning the skills and perspective they need to compete in the modern marketplace and to succeed in life. Empowered, launched in 2021 after decades of success as Youth Entrepreneurs (YE), is emboldening a community of teachers — in DFW, around Texas, and nationally with resources that extend their role as change-makers in their profession and in the lives of students.

Empowered Teachers guide students through individualized, immersive, hands-on (3D) learning activities that draw-from and apply-to the real world. This better way of learning ignites the growth (entrepreneurial) mindset and ensures more young people will be ready to create and seize the opportunities in their lives while creating value for others.

All Empowered resources are designed to be broadly applicable and are based on an innovative instructional strategy called Experiential Self-DiscoveryTM (ESDTM) that is brought to life through:

  • (FOUNDATIONAL) PRINCIPLES are consistent, classic values and ideas on which to anchor and guide all choices and actions in life.
  • MARKETS are places, including classrooms,  for the incentivized exchange of ideas, knowledge, good, and services for mutual benefit.
  • (GROWTH) MINDSET comes when use of principles and markets drives innovation, nurtures confidence, and creates success.

Empowered’s evolving online tools are designed to meet educators where they are, supplement and advance the work of Empowered’s staff (many of whom are former classroom teachers) and help educators searching for and those most-likely to benefit from ESD application, have low-friction access, 24/7 to Empowered’s support for their:

As of January, 2022, Empowered's presence included:

  • EMPOWERED TEACHERS 600+ in Texas, 40+ in the DFW Metro-Area (4,000+ Nationally)
  • EMPOWERED AMBASSADORS 10 in Texas, 4 in the DFW Metro-Area (200+ Nationally)
  • STUDENTS IMPACTED 75,000+ in Texas, 5,000+ in the DFW Metro-Area (500,000+ Nationally)

Empowered resources are FREE for any educator - and work best for Junior/Senior High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers. To learn more or to become an Empowered Teacher, visit Empowered's website.

Ibex Club members mentor Dallas Independent School District (DISD) students and, through the club's financial partnership with Empowered, help provide professional development and support resources as well as an ever-growing collection of classroom activities and tools that help any teacher improve classroom learning to bring learning to life to DISD teachers and educators regionally, statewide, and nationally.

Ibex Club, Incorporated, a non-profit organization benefiting Youth Entrepreneurs®

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